Mortgage Deed


Mortgage Deed

A Mortgage deed is one of the most common forms of Convincing, but drafting is the most important element of this course, it begins with the names of the parties and it ends with the execution and attestation clauses, which in a literal sense means to convey or to transfer something to another person, and widely used for the transfer of movable or immovable property. A legal document that gives a mortgage lender a lien or security interest in a piece of the mortgaged property is known as a Mortgage deed. The idea behind the creation of a mortgage deed is to give the lender protection in a legal sense, in case there is a default in repayment of the loan on the mortgaged property. The lender may after the expiry of a specified time, may use his foreclosure right to sell off the mortgaged property to get his repayment redeemed.

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