Other Paperwork


Other Paperwork

Get other property-related paperwork, over and above the aforementioned ones.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, single parents can adopt. A single male can adopt a boy but not a girl (Regulation 5(2) of Adoption Regulations 2017).

Commercial documents like certificate of origin, certificate of incorporation, invoice, physical / chemical analysis reports of products, packaging list, special certificates, Memorandum of association, power of attorney etc could be required attested for opening pr for collecting the business-related payments from abroad.

An e-Stamp can be verified online by clicking on verify e-Stamp certificate and entering the required details i.e


Certificate Number (UIN)

Stamp Duty Type (Description of Document)

Certificate Issue Date

Session code

A document that two or more people sign and notarize is legally binding and is one form of agreement that can be upheld in a court of law. In fact, any agreement between two parties can be enforced legally, whether the contract made was verbal or written.

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