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  • How our Terms and Conditions are Applicable


By accessing our services, you impliedly accept the following terms. These terms of use cover your usage and access to the products, services, software as a service (SAAS), platform websites and mobile applications provided by Acreok and any of our affiliates. Thus we recommend you to read and understand it thoroughly. Services rendered by Acreok encompass various legal areas of documentation. This might require and invite certain additional terms relevant with the services and those additional terms shall be considered as a part of the agreement with acreok.com. By using our Services, You agree to be bound by these Terms of Usage as well as our Privacy Policy. If You are using our Services as an employee or agent of an organization, it is deemed that you agree to these Terms of Use on behalf of that organization.

By using our services you agree that you are a major which means above 18 years of age and can form a binding contract with Acreok and only as permitted by law, including applicable professional standards laws, rules and regulations as and when they are made. By using our services you agree that we reserve the right to suspend your account or stop providing our services to you at our sole discretion on the basis of discovery of some discrepancy on your part.


  • Acceptance of Terms


While using this Website you understand and accept to have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions set forth herein. Any incidental documents and links mentioned shall be considered to be accepted with these terms. This shall include our Privacy Policy provided for on our Website.


  • Information shared with us


Acreok services lets you upload, store or share your files at any time. You reserve the rights on any intellectual property that you hold in that content. The rights that you offer to Acreok and its employees are limited for supervising and developing our services.


  • Your Acreok Account


You will receive your account credentials and a password right after the successful completion of the Registration Process for the website/mobile app. You are responsible for preserving the secrecy and confidentiality of the password for the account. You agree to:

  1. Immediately inform Acreok of any misuse/breach of your account or password.
  2. Make sure you logout from your account every time after you are done accessing it. Acreok cannot and will not be held responsible for any losses and damages resulting from your failure to abide by with this section.

Acreok will take due care to ensure the confidentiality of your credentials. You agree that in the very unlikely occurrence of your credentials becoming known to a third party on account of an intrusion into Acreok database, Acreok shall not be made liable for the resulting damages.


If you become aware of any unauthorized use of your password or of your account, you agree to notify the concerned official at Acreok immediately. You can write to feedback@acreok.com


  • Your Responsibility
  • It is your responsibility to furnish the required and relevant documents for any due process.
  • Acreok reserves the right to cancel/terminate any requested service to a client if the document(s) is found to be unauthentic or fabricated.


  • Our Disclaimer


We advise you not to share your login credentials with anyone or with anyone else claiming to be a representative of Acreok. In case you happen to notice any sort of fault in our Website/Mobile App or System, we request you to inform us of the issue immediately. We would welcome and appreciate your suggestions and advice. While reporting the issue, please share the proof, your identity and contact details, to help us improve the situation immediately. Minor problems can be addressed in a very short time, whereas more complicated ones will take a longer while. For any issues or doubts regarding the order/delivery, you are requested to check the order history and status and revert to us.


Further, you understand, accept and agree that the payment facility provided by Acreok is neither a banking nor financial service but is merely a facilitator that is an intermediary or payment gateway for the purposes of providing an electronic, automated online payment, collection and remittance facility for the services on the Acreok website using the existing authorized banking infrastructure and Credit Card payment gateway networks. Further, by providing Payment Facility, Acreok is neither acting as trustee or acting in a financial capacity with respect to the service or the price.


  • Dispute Resolution


The Terms of Use, and Your relationship with Acreok under the Terms of Use, shall be governed by the laws of India, and in particular the laws in the State of Karnataka shall be applicable and Courts in the city of Bangalore, Karnataka shall have the jurisdiction.


  • Delivery Policy


We strive to deliver the relevant document(s) to your address within the stipulated time as calculated from the time of booking the order and under exceptional cases, delivery of documents might be delayed due to circumstances that are beyond our control. If the document(s) and/or envelope is found to be in a damaged condition / tampered on  delivery, please do not accept the courier and return the same back with the same delivery person, additionally please call us to update the same. We will redo the entire documentation and courier the same at no extra cost to you.


Delivery Time: It would take 3-15 working days to get the requested document delivered at your doorstep. However, This is a tentative time depending on availability of Sub-Registrar / Stamping Machine / Advocate / Notary / Political Bandhs / National Holiday, etc.


  • Announcement with regard to Service:


We may send out an email when we have added / updated or amended any new service that we are starting to offer. If you do not like to receive these kinds of promotional email, you may opt out / unsubscribe.


  • Information Sharing and Disclosure


Acreok has a strict policy for handling customer information with our associates / business partner(s) or vendor(s). We strictly reserve all rights to disclose any relevant information to do the documentation.


  • Security and Confidentiality


Acreok safeguards customer information from unauthorized access, and makes sure that information is not misused. We have in place suitable managerial measures to protect and secure the information that you provide.


  • Change in Privacy Policy


Acreok reserves all rights to modify the contents of our Privacy Policy from time to time. The changes in our privacy policy will be posted in our Privacy Policy and Disclaimer page and any other place that we might seem appropriate to us to create awareness.

If you have any clarification / questions or comments regarding our privacy policy, please feel free to write to us or call us.


Acreok is founded by a team with technical and legal background. We try to provide our customers a competitive price and facilities for getting Property Documents Verification, Rental Agreements, Affidavits, Stamp Duties, Legal Documents; in furtherance to this we have tied up with various Bodies - Sub-Registrar Offices, CAs, Advocates and Courier Services.


  • We are responsible for:
  • Generating document content as per your requirement.
  • Providing document with a Authorized Stamp Duty (Franking or e-Stamping).
  • Packing and Couriering the document with a genuine and well recognized courier service provider.
  • Providing refund and support in the event of any failure or cancellation, with condition that Stamping has not taken place.
  • Providing full customer support and information in case of any delays / inconvenience.


  • We are Not Responsible for:
  • Content of the document is not our responsibility. Customers are expected to go through the agreement, or upload a document with complete awareness of its contents.
  • If there is delay in getting stamp duty due to the absence of Bodies at Sub-Registrar Office.
  • If there is delay on getting stamp duty due to failure of Machines at Sub-Registrar Office.
  • If there is delay on arriving document due to a failure from the Courier Service.
  • If the Stamp Duty Alignment, Behaviour of Courier Guy etc not being up to the customer's expectation.
  • If the cancellation in dispatch of document by Courier Service due to unavoidable reasons.
  • If the customer waiting at the wrong address, as per mentioned mailing address.
  • If the customer not available at the mentioned mailing address.


  • In case of changes in our Terms & Conditions


Any of the Terms & Conditions may be changed/amended as and when required, and a notice regarding the same will be published on the Website. If any User/Lawyers does not agree with the amended terms, he/she may contact us or discontinue using the Website.

If you have any questions about any part of this Terms & Conditions Agreement, feel free to contact us at feedback@legalconclave.com





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