Attestation service


Attestation service

Attestation is not merely a formality but an essential mode to testify voluntary execution of any instrument or document (Transfer deed) by the transferor of the property. The word “attest” suggests signing and witness the document by way of testimony of the fact that, it was before him it was executed.

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Yes, single parents can adopt. A single male can adopt a boy but not a girl (Regulation 5(2) of Adoption Regulations 2017).

Commercial documents like certificate of origin, certificate of incorporation, invoice, physical / chemical analysis reports of products, packaging list, special certificates, Memorandum of association, power of attorney etc could be required attested for opening pr for collecting the business-related payments from abroad.

An e-Stamp can be verified online by clicking on verify e-Stamp certificate and entering the required details i.e


Certificate Number (UIN)

Stamp Duty Type (Description of Document)

Certificate Issue Date

Session code

A document that two or more people sign and notarize is legally binding and is one form of agreement that can be upheld in a court of law. In fact, any agreement between two parties can be enforced legally, whether the contract made was verbal or written.

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