For different reasons, people typically would like to have their private properties, one of them being the pleasure of owning an asset. Nevertheless, every moment might not be suitable for buying a house. At present, almost every industry, including real estate, has been disrupted by a coronavirus. Is this the appropriate time to purchase or invest in a piece of land? Let us learn why one should invest in a property post COVID.

• According to property legal consultants, it is the ideal time to buy property in Bangalore because the real estate market declined heavily post Covid 19, and property prices fell dramatically.

• Before Covid 19 major fluctuations in the past such as demonetization, GST, RERA, Registration post OC, most developers are already in threat. These previous real estate reforms have already taken rates down to a certain limit.

• If you have finances ready you will get the best deal on the market because there is no business.

• The RBI has lowered the interest rates to 4%, allowing for property investors to borrow. As a result, interest rates on home loans are now as low as 6.95 percent. This will serve as a booster to invest in property at a cost-benefit for purchasers,

• Few states have however declared decreases in stamp duty, the payment that buyers must pay to the government as a portion of the purchase value, in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, to further raise buyer morale and decrease the overall buying cost for buyers.

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